Ixquisite Is A Lifestyle

Ibrahim Ibou Koroma SR. owner, is also CEO of Visions Media Group LLC (VMG).  VMG is a technological video production  and video marketing company based in Philadelphia PA. He is not just a media and technology expert, he  is is also a cigar enthusiast and connoisseur with a passion for luxury brands and for some of the world's finest cigars.

Ixquisite Cigar Lounge was born out of passion and an idea. Founder and owner Ibrahim Ibou Koroma Sr discovered his passion for cigars over 15 years ago and throughout the years he has spent time learning and researching cigars lounges when he’s on a personal and or business trip. For IIK Sr, Lansdowne and surrounding seemed to be lacking a cigar lounge that offers a luxury comfort. For him most lounges, are cigar shops turned lounges or an establishment with a cigar lounge such as sport bars. The 6,000 SF lounge provides 4510 SF floor area to its members with a luxurious experience to allow members to savor the joyful moments of life with good friends and fellow connoisseurs. Take time out of your day to indulge in the Ixquisite life at Ixquisite Cigar Lounge